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Spectrum Adhesives (formerly Mid South Adhesives) has been providing quality adhesive products to our customers throughout the United States and overseas for over 41 years. With many adhesive technologies already developed, we have a product that will perform in most applications. However our real claim to fame is our ability to custom formulate a product tailored to the customer's exact needs. Our goal is to supply adhesives to meet the most stringent bonding requirements and to develop superior products that meet or exceed all expectations. We are committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly adhesives while maintaining the highest level of performance possible. Our pledge to you is that we constantly strive to provide the highest level of quality and service as economically as possible.

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Fingerjointing Adhesives
Foam Bedding Fabrication Doweling, Assembly, Clamp  Carrier, Glue Reel

Adhesives and Bonding Agents for:

Woodworking adhesives for the millwork and furniture industries include PVA glues for assembly, doweling, edgegluing and HPL laminating. Pre-catalyzed crosslinking PVA for RF, hot pressing, veneering and fingerjointing. Liquid moisture cure PUR glues for waterproof and structural applications. VAE dispersion for paper and vinyl profile wrapping as well as PU dispersions for 3D membrane pressing. Flammable and non-flammable PU foam bonding adhesives for upholstered furniture. Adhesives for packaging, carton sealing, labeling and corrugating.

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